I shed a tear for Jacque Maribe’s son

Jacque Maribe has a son who is for all intents and purposes a boy looking at a hard future as his mother and father continue with their very public and very loud antics on social media. I am of course referring to more than the public paternity fraud tiff they had on social media but also the fact that his mother is constantly parading her men on social media and his father is a literal buffoon for likes.

Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe need to start caring about the child

You see, the low hanging fruit here (which I will get right to because I am a lazy prick) is the fact that no child should ever get to find out his mother’s dating (and indeed sexual) history. None among you want to know that your mother dated 5 men. None among you want to know that your father might not have been the first to take your virtuous mother nor that she wasn’t exactly as virtuous as you’d like to estimate.

Why do I say this? Well because I am a simple young man who leads a simple life ruled by a simple law; Occam’s razor. If Jacque Maribe has shown off 6 men means that there are more tucked away in her personal annals of shame. The one night stands and shortlived failed flings.

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Let’s keep score. Not only were mummy and daddy arguing about whether or not their son was a wanted baby but now he has to also read about mummy’s many flings. I wouldn’t want to be this kid when he is being bullied in school. Mummy and daddy dearest give your most vile bully ammunition. They will actually have reference material regarding both his mother and father… And they will be unforgiving about his mother because that’s what will hurt.

Then there is the fact that the psychological effect seeing all these men wander in and out of your mother’s life creates a level of instability that compounds until it explodes on your life as an adult. What do you think goes through this young boy’s head when he sees his cousins with stable families or his friends with stable family lives?

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Jacque Maribe is literally the antithesis of stability as she has a new man every so often… And while this is not wrong for a young woman to do (pursue relationships), there is something that must be said about the fact that he is being socialised to think of this sought of disfunction as normal. He will grow up to either need therapy to help him unlearn the behaviours he is being exposed to or he will become the type of man who is constantly flighty in relationships, always looking for his next lay -or he will over-correct and become co-dependent to the point of being toxic.

Jacque Maribe

ANd that is not with us even taking into account that he might actually truly hate being in this familial setup and grow up to resent the fact he was exposed to it and because it is more difficult to hold our mother’s accountable for the way they raised us (societal indoctrination that worships the myth of the goddess), he might direct that animus at other women and become a true, living misogynist. You think not? Well, what if I told you that 80% of men incarcerated in America for doing harm to women due to misplaced anger were the product of single mother households?

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What I am trying to get at is that the nonsense she is doing as a free, adult, consenting woman is still going to have consequences that may not be felt by her directly but will definitely be felt by the world her son grows up to touch. She is a mother for goodness sake. Perhaps, a little discretion would be advised. Keep your relationships and romps off social media and the internet. A day will come when Jacque Maribe’s son will be old enough to be curious about himself, his father and mother and when he goes to the internet for that information, what he will find will scar him.


But I guess I should just shut up about it and simply chronicle the shenanigans because at the end of the day it makes for great gossip fodder. And maybe when I am old enough to have my own mentees, they will cover the dumpster fire of a life the poor boy will have grown into and we will all still refuse to look at the root cause of all his plights and woes. I just pray he finds a way to surmount the bullshit. And yes, I know Amberay, Bridget Achieng and Vera Sidika’s children too will have the same problems, today my focus was on a woman many perceive as a strong, independent career woman.

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