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‘I Spend Ksh 1M Weekly, I Don’t Need Your Cash’- Notiflow Turns Down Fan Offering Her Money

February 21, 2022 at 13:03
'I Spend Ksh 1M Weekly, I Don't Need Your Cash'- Notiflow Turns Down Fan Offering Her Money

Can money buy love? For most people, there’s no romance without finance. While others will go for genuine love regardless of money. Kenyan female rapper Natalie Kutoto, known better by her stage name Notiflow, has rubbished a fan after he offered her thousand of dollars to become his lover.

The award winning rapper; who came out as a member of the LGBTQ community last year after introducing her girlfriend King Alami; states that she is contented with her as her girlfriend.

Rapper Noti Flow's girlfriend King Alami apologizes for hurting her  Physically and Emotionally | Pulselive Kenya

Notiflow & her girlfriend King Alami-Google

This she spewed after one of her fans DM’d her and she turned him down saying;

”Such nigahs make me sick 😖 Always in my Dm thinking they can buy me with peanuts 😹 broke nigahs gtfo my Dm please. Nigah making $150 per week thinking he gat the balls to Dm me & talk shit.. I spend over $4500 per week 💁🏻‍♀️ that’s on a lazy week. Usually I spend $10,000 per week if I’m going out 😹 Calm your blue balls & get yourselves checked
I’m very happy in my relationship with my girlfriend, I don’t need your petty change or D please lmao 😹 The same applies to y’all small girls & boys in my Dm too, I don’t have candy & biscuits to give y’all”

Below are screenshots of their conversation;


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