“I take him home when he’s drunk” Babu Owino reveals how Kenyans got it all wrong on his relationship with Moses Kuria

To the public Moses Kuria and Babu Owino are sworn enemies. But do you really know the two firebrand politicians are actually buddies behind the scene?

There are only two tribes in Kenya, the rich and the poor. The idea of Luo and Kikuyu politicians hating each other is only a facade. Politicians only clash because of conflicting interests and not because they hate each other based on their ethnicity.

Babu Owino

Babu Owino and Moses Kuria throw unpalatable words at each other in public but interestingly they rub shoulders behind the scene.

“At times I find Kuria in a bar very drank and asleep. I am the one who carries him and takes him to his house in Westlands. If I am lying let him deny it in public,” said Babu Owino during an interview with NASA TV on Monday.

Hate mongers!
Moses Kuria

Babu Owino urged fellow politicians to stop inflicting negative ethnicity into the minds of their followers. He admits politicians are to be blamed for fanning tribal tensions.

“We as politicians don’t hate each other that much. After arguing in Parliament, when we come out we still shake hands, talk and laugh. The problem with us is we inflict negative ethnicity in the minds of our people so that people can fight. It shouldn’t be like that.”



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