“I want a baby boy” Actress Wema Sepetu still hopeful about having a baby despite struggles with infertility

You see back in the day around 2010 Wema Sepetu must have been the biggest celebrity there was in Tanzania. This is because she not only bagger the crown for Miss Tz in 2006 but was a good actress involved with known actors like the late Kanumba and finally – she bagged Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu

From what we’ve heard is that Wema Sepetu was the stepping stone to Diamond Platnumz fame. She mobilized her whole fan base to support the singer and in a blink of eye – Diamond Platnumz was a star. Actually back then they’d refer to him as Wema Sepetu’s boyfriend. Lanes.

Anyway as you know the breakup in 2014 was too ugly hence somehow ruined Wema Sepetu’s reputation and this is how she became irrelevant overnight. Well, she’s tried getting back the old fame but nothing seems to work apart from just a few having interest in her private life.

Tbt: Wema and Diamond Platnumz

Praying for motherhood

One of the things her fans know is that she currently has trouble conceiving due to some complications caused during an abortion she had as a teenager.

According to her – it now feels like punishment knowing she could have kept her two pregnancies, raise the kids and life moves on; instead – she’s in and out of hospital looking for solutions to reverse her condition.

Well, it’s no secret she wants a child of her own and as seen on a new post the actress says she wants a baby boy.

One day I wish to have a baby boy

But at 29 years, I guess she still have enough time to keep trying for a baby, right?

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