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I Want To Have Over 30 Children- Stivo Simple Boy (Video)

May 16, 2022 at 13:08
I Want To Have Over 30 Children- Stivo Simple Boy (Video)

As far as we know, Stivo Simple Boy claims he’s still a virgin and would only indulge in intimacy after marrying. At least this is what he states. As a matter of fact, Stivo claims his separation with ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy was expedited by her demands for intimacy.

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Stivo Speaks On Having A Family

Despite Stivo being a virgin, he’s looking forward to having a family, a very big family. The ‘Tuheshimu Ndoa’ hitmaker has divulged that he’s aiming at having not less than 30 children after he gets married.

”Mungu alisema ya kwamba ametuleta duniani ili tuzaane. Skuizi watu wanazaa watoto wawili, mmoja, ikienda sana wanne. Lakini in real sense inafaa watu wajaze dunia. Kiwango cha mwisho ni 30 ama 50. ”

Stivo is however, yet to find himself a partner after his fall-out with Pritty Vishy. They calibrated that they’ll not be getting back together again, stating that they have a lot of unsettled differences. However, they remain good friends.

Watch Stivo’s full interview video below;


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