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‘I Was Dared For Ksh 1 Million’- Thee Pluto Explains Why He Shaved Off His Signature Dreadlocks (Video)

March 25, 2022 at 16:09
'I Was Dared For Ksh 1 Million'- Thee Pluto Explains Why He Shaved Off His Signature Dreadlocks (Video)

Popular Instagram model & businessman Thee Pluto has finally opened up on his decision to shave off his dreadlocks which had turned a lot of girls’ head. Real name Robert Ndegwa, the heartthrob IG influencer shaved his long dreads and left fans flabbergasted on his decision.

Everyone remained inquisitive about his decision to take down what he treasured the most. And Pluto was reluctant to disclose the same. Several theories were created as to why he decided to shave; and none of them really had the right guess.

Speaking on Mungai Eve’s channel & sharing on his Insta stories, Pluto displayed the real reason for shaving. And it was the fact that he was dared to do so. The price for doing the same was Ksh 1 Million; and his friend promised him he would deliver the same.

Sharing through his Insta stories, one of his fans asked why he shaved. His answer;

”Several factors. Rebranding, craving for change and most importantly it was a 1 million dare from a friend!”

Pluto cleared the air after divulging the same. And he’s going to collect his million this week.

Watch his full interview below;


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