“I was in a come-we-stay marriage and someone came between us” Saumu Mbuvi justifies dating someone’s husband

On Wednesday July 4th drama broke out on Instagram as Saumu Mbuvi was having a live session with her fans. A certain Olowoshibi1 confronted Saumu about dating another woman’s husband.

“God is watching you. God will never bless you for snatching another woman’s husband,” wrote Olowoshibi1.

Saumu introduced the man she was currently dating sometimes in May 2018. She said she was happy when she unveiled her new sweetheart on social media.

Saumu Mbuvi with her current boyfriend
Saumu Mbuvi with her current boyfriend
The drama continues

Saumu Mbuvi responded to Olowoshibi1 by dismissing their claim. She said she couldn’t take any negativity from a fake account.

“Take your fake ass from my page. I know who you are commenting with fake accounts. I don’t take negativity from anyone,” said Saumu.

Olowoshibi1 responded stressing that what they were claiming was the truth.

“No negativity but facts only,” Olowoshibi1 wrote.

Saumu replied saying;

“This man had a life before me, what matters is the life we have now. He was dating someone before he met me and that is very normal,”

Justifies dating a married man

Saumu then goes to justify why she can date someone’s husband, she explains that her baby daddy Benson Gatu was also taken from her by another woman.

“I was in a come-we-stay marriage and someone came between us. Now my baby daddy and the other person are very happy and that is a good thing,” said Saumu Mbuvi.

Before the whole drama, Saumu Mbuvi had indicated that her current relationship would either lead to marriage or a funeral.

“My Current relationship is either gonna lead to a Wedding or Funeral .Bitch you choose All black or All white ?‍♂️?☺???,” wrote Saumu Mbuvi on IG on Monday.



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