I Was In Love With Nameless Even Though Sponsors Wanted Me- Wahu Speaks Out

Singer Wahu and Nameless are one of the most sought after couples in the country. Their marriage has lasted for over 15 years and they still look stunning and in love. The two sweethearts already have two kids together.

On an interview on Jalang’o TV, Wahu reveals that when she was young, sponsors used to approach her but she was in love with Nameless.

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”They were there but me I was in love… The thing about it is, what is that sponsor bringing to you? Money. Most likely you are not the only one. I normally tell girls, build for yourself. Whatever that guy is making, imagine you can also make it yourself.

She also says that a guy working for the UN approached her and that’s when she wrote her song ‘Sitishiki’.

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During the interview, Nameless, wearing his signature look, also revealed that they dated for about 7 years. He says that he saw Wahu first on TV while she was doing a commercial and fell in love with her. After then, they made a follow up on each other through a mutual friend. Wahu is currently 40 years old while Nameless is 44.

While their love life has had some little challenges,  they are without a doubt a power couple worth emulating.

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