‘I Was Jealous’- Diana Marua Narrates Challenges Of Co-Parenting With Bahati’s Baby Mama Yvette Obura

Bahati’s wife Diana Marua has opened up on challenges she faces while co-parenting with her hubby’s baby mama Yvette Obura; who happens to be the biological mother to Mueni Bahati. Co-parenting between the two has not been a walk in the park, especially during their early years of raising Mueni.

Co-Parenting With Diana

Bahati and Diana Marua met while Mueni was one year old; and as Diana claims, the information about Bahati having a baby with Yvette was disclosed to her as soon as they started dating. At first, Diana was not comfortable knowing that Bahati already had a kid with another woman. As a matter of fact, she claims she used to be jealous whenever she overheard Bahati speaking to Yvette.

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On the flipside, Yvette claims it was kind of hard for her to also accept the fact that Bahati was moving on with Diana; and was still vacillating between co-parenting and raising her daughter by herself.

”I was like, who is this girl?…Well, it was kind of hard the first few months. And along the way I got to learn something. I got to a point I’m like, this is me, these people are not in this situation. Everyone ako na advice yake. One time I told myself, it can’t be that bad.”

She however maintained that Bahati was and is still present in their daughter’s life.

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