‘I Was Not Ready’- Felicity Shiru Shares Pregnancy Journey (Video)

Heartthrob Instagram influencer and businessman Thee Pluto and his gorgeous girlfriend Felicity Shiru are on the verge of expecting their first born child. The two sweethearts announced the good news to their fans via YouTube after a long period of speculation.

“From whatever God has provided, the kid cannot suffer because, to be honest, I have tried to make investments here or there and tried to take some insurance covers zenye zinaweza saidia hapa na pale. Hawezi teseka,” said The Pluto.

Felicity’s Pregnancy Journey

YouTuber Felicity has now shared how she came to accept the pregnancy even though she wasn’t 100% prepared about it. Sharing with Mungai Eve, she claimed her life plans had to be postponed because of the pregnancy.

”The fact that I was not ready in terms of also planning. I had other plans as an individual pia. But plans had to change because of the pregnancy… Hio ndio kitu ilikuwa inafanya nishtuke sana.

She continued to calibrate her boyfriend’s exuberance is what has been motivating her.

”By the way, honestly, the fact that Pluto was so happy with this pregnancy is what kept me going. I love it here.”

Watch the full interview video below;


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