I Was On Rehab For Three Months- Omosh Actor Opens Up On Challenges He Faced While Broke

Former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia, better known as Omosh, has received monetary gifts from well-wishers all over the country. While expressing his gratitude to Kenyans, the actor shed tears of joy in a video recording he shared.

The actor’s story first went public when journalist Hiram Kamuhunjia interviewed him. He reveals that after the closure of Tahidi High, he had saved Kshs 140,000. When COVID struck, he reveals that he used up all the money, most of it on alcohol. The actor also disclosed that his house rent arrears piled up to KSh 100,000.

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Speaking in an interview on Jalang’o TV, the actor says that shortly after, he was taken to rehab for 3 months by his sister.

”Mi nishakuwa rehab. Siste aliona uyu jamaa anadedi. Haraka haraka, rehab. Nikakaa miezi tatu.”

After rehab, Omosh reveals things became worse and he got even more broke.

However, the actor has since received good money from well-wishers, including comedian Jalang’o. The comedian raised over Ksh 1 million for Omosh. He also received free land from Zero Hero properties, and was also handed over 50 bags of cement by the same company. A company by the name Sung Timber also pledged to build the actor a house on the land he was gifted.

The actor is still overwhelmed by how much his fans still support him. They only hope that he won’t spend all the money on alcohol again. All the best to him as he re-organizes his life.

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