“I was raped at 15, had my son at 19, got divorced at 21” Radio Jambo’s Annitah Raey narrates her ordeal

Annitah Raey has opened up for the first time and her story is shocking. The Radio Jambo presenter went through hell while she was still a teen.

Annitah revealed her story in a long post on social media. She says she ran away from home when she was 13 only to be raped two years later.

She got married to a wife batterer at 17 before she had her first child at 19. Annitah says her marriage crumbled after only four years.

Annitah Raey

“I ran away from home at 13. I was raped at 15. I got married to a wife batterer at 17. Had my son at 19. Got divorced at 21. I have slept on the streets.. I have slept hungry.. I know what it means to lack.. I have cried myself to sleep so many times I lost count.. I have been in a hospital bed for six weeks due to depression and ulcers,” wrote Annitah Raey in part.


The Radio Jambo presenter further discloses that she tried taking her own life multiple times. She says that her life is a testimony to others, she says no situation is too big for God to turn around.

“I have tried suicide five times.. I have been so broken I never thought I would see another day.. But look at me.. Look at me and understand that when God wants to use you to glorify himself then he will do exactly that.. I am a loving testimony that when God Says Yes.. Nobody can say no. So before you pass judgment walk a mile in my shoe..”


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