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‘I Was Scared’- Georgina Njenga Speaks On Delivering Child Weeks Before Due Date (Video)

July 15, 2022 at 10:27
'I Was Scared'- Georgina Njenga Speaks On Delivering Child Weeks Before Due Date (Video)

Tyler Mbaya, popularly known for his role ‘Baha’ in Machachari welcomed his first child with hisn gorgeous girlfriend Georgina Njenga in May this year; which was several weeks before their expected due date. However, the delivery was a huge success and they had their doctors to thank for the same.

They’re both enamored of their child monikered Astra, but they were immensely scared when Georgina was rushed to hospital after a false labour. What they thought required minimum treatment ended up with Georgina giving birth on the same day.

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Speaking about the same on Mungai Eve’s channel, Georgina narrated the unexpected delivery at 33 weeks. Pregnancy usually lasts about 38 to 40 weeks from the first day of last menstrual period to due date.

”24 hours baby alikuwa asha come. Kwanza ikakuwa ni false labour. Tukaenda hosi tukarudi home alafu tena ika continue. Kuenda tena hosi nikaambiwa the next time naambiwa in the next few hours baby is coming.

At that moment, kenye ilikuwa ina ring kwa mind yangu ni, atakuwa sawa kweli? Mi ata sikuwai jua unaeza deliver normal at 33 weeks. Nilikuwa nafkiria pre-term inakuanga CS. Nilikuwa confused, scared.”

They two lovebirds even had to cancel gender reveal and baby shower all together- since it happens when the baby is almost being born. Currently, their baby is 2 months old. And they’re yet to show her face to their fans. Watch Gerogina’s full interview below;


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