“I wasn’t in it for the love, but for the money,” Diana Marua opens up on her first encounter with Bahati (Video)

Image: “I wasn’t in it for the love, but for the money,” Diana Marua opens up on her first encounter with Bahati

Diana Marua and Bahati are an interesting couple who first met in the DM when Diana was still dating several men.

With regrets about her affairs with married men who boldly told her, “I can’t leave my wife for you but I can cater for your needs”.

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A life that was unfulfilling, until the day she met Bahati.

How it all started

“One day, at around midnight I liked Bahati’s photos on his Instagram, then he liked mine as well. So that was like a signal that he noticed me,” she opened up on Mseto East Africa.

The Bahatis

A month later, Bahati called Diana to be a vixen in his upcoming video and they met up at Laico Regency and for the first time, he treated a girl to dinner.

“It is hard for me to even buy a lady a soda, I’d rather take my money to a children’s home but that day, I asked Diana to order anything she wants,” Bahati confessed.

Turns out that all this while, Bahati had fallen in love with Diana but was not able to tell her yet.

Diana Marua with hubby, Bahati

So the day they were shooting his music video Mapenzivixens tried to win Bahati’s heart but he had already found a woman.

“During breaks, Bahati would take my hand and pull me aside, asking questions like where I live, but it made me feel uneasy,” Diana confessed.

Revealing that not just Bahati, but a number of men on set were also eyeing her including one ‘Mr S’, pointing fingers at Mr Seed.

Mr Seed with his girlfriend and Bahati’s fiancé, Diana Marua

Unfortunately, that very morning before the shoot, Diana was from crying after catching her then-boyfriend pants down with another girl in his car, right outside his house.

Either way, her relationship ended for the better, flaunting her current lifestyle with Bahati.

“2 months after the video shoot, Bahati opened up on his feelings for me,” Diana admits.

Celebrity power couple Diana Marua and Bahati

For Bahati, regardless the brand Diana had created in her youthful years, his goal was to make Diana the woman he wants her to be.

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