“I will fight when it comes to my son” Willis Raburu’s girlfriend issues warning to critics insulting month old baby

It’s no secret that Willis Raburu has already moved on with Ivy Namu; following his failed marriage with Maryaprude.

Although there are those who feel that Willis may have moved on abit too fast; all we can say is different people -different healing process; so why prosecute and his new family for their happy family?

Willis Raburu and new girlfriend pregnant with their first child

Anyway seems like the bile targeted at Ivy Namu for ‘throwing herself’ at Willis; has now been redirected to her new born son who apparently is facing cruel comments from bitter fans.

Keep off my son

This was revealed by the month old boy’s mum (Ivy Namu) who has issued a stern warning to anyone who feels they can insult her baby. In a detailed post shared on her Instagram stories, Ms Namu wrote;

Willis Raburu introduces day old baby

I’m captain of the “don’t care what people say” battalion but when it comes to my son, I feel like fighting coz of how much it hurts.

She went on;

Social media has really given mean and bitter people confidence to talk shit about anyone or anything without shame or any shred of decency. Yaani grown folk take time out of their day to say shit about a baby it’s just so wild to me.

I know better

Well being a new mum and understanding the pain, sleepless nights, zombie mode lifestyle; and sacrifices she has made since her son’s arrival, I can promise you that Ivy is not joking about for her baby.

Anyway, with that out of her system Ivy Namu went on to conclude her post by saying;

And I know for a fact that such people can’t utter the same sentiments in person because they know they are on some bullshit.

And lastly,

Anyway, imma need to drop my habit of going through such nonsense even for once in a while. All it does is infuriate me and I know better than to engage such people. Haters gonna hate and potatoes gonna potate.

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