“I will never be ashamed of my past” Amber Ray reflects on how far she has come

By now we all know Amber Ray has not had the best CV when it comes to her online life. She’s been branded a whorelotta names starting with “a bad single mum, a husband snatcher” and remember that photo she is a hold a cock for some ritual….oh that photo had everyone convinced she practices black magic.

And please get your head out of the gutter.

Amber Ray black magic?

So far I guess the title husband snatcher remains the most stable name she’s been given- but again…can you blame a sister for trying to bag herself a husband or potential baby daddy in future?

Anyway despite everything including her involvement with Amira’s husband – Amber Ray now says she will never be ashamed of her past nor is she sorry. This is because through the experiences she’s been able to build herself  not forgetting the life lessons she’s had to learn over the years.

Amber Ray celebrates herself

One thing I can never be ashamed of is my past … I agree have done so many terrible mistakes,broken so many rules, disobeyed God in so many ways and asked for forgiveness.

Enjoying growth

Although many assume being a good girl on social media will earn you a better title; Amber Ray feels that praises and impressing people will never help cover some of the bills she’s left with at the end of the day.

And for this reason – the lass refuses to limit herself to anything that would slow her growth process in life.

But I can never limit myself to my past coz that’s what made me who I am today …I don’t know what the future has installed for me but I k1now the grass is always greener on the other side;and am absolutely enjoying this phase and I can’t wait to experience growth even more🥰 Thank you my love for being so intentional #gonegirl #amberthebrand


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