“I will never lack” Eric Omondi responds to claims that he will end up being broke like Louis Otieno and Swaleh Mdoe

Eric Omondi has assured his critics that he will never open pay-bill for his medical expenses. The comedian is said to be spending beyond his means to please his fiancée Chantal Grazioli.

Eric surprised his sweetheart with an expensive gift on Valentine’s Day. He caused tongues to wag when he was seen giving Chantal BMW X6 as her Valentine’s gift.

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Will you donate?

Cyprian Nyakundi carried out an opinion poll to determine whether Kenyans would help Eric Omondi in the event that he ends up being broke.


“Once Eric Omondi appeared on K24’s “Young Rich”, claiming to be worth Kshs. 30m. A month later, he was on the news after being evicted by his landlord for non-payment of rent. Yet the same joker, will one day open a pay-bill for his medical expenses. Will you donate?” Cyprian Nyakundi tweeted.

I will never lack

Eric responded to Nyakundi’s tweet assuring him that he will NEVER lack. The comedian states that he will be a blessing to his generation.

“While chilling on a couch I have come across a very saddening post by one blogger. This blogger twitted that @mwalimchurchill and I will one day put up a paybill seeking help. No one knows tomorrow but words are powerful and I will SPEAK mine. I WILL NEVER LACK!!! I WILL NEVER KNOW SHAME!!! I WILL BE A BLESSING TO MY GENERATION!!! NO WEAPONS SET AGAINST ME WILL PROSPER!!! I AM CHOSEN OF GOD!!! CALLED BY HIS NAME!!!” Wrote Eric.


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