“I will only quit comedy when the number of trolls exceed my Twitter followers!” Comedian YY declares

Churchill show comedian YY, has stood up to cyberbullies who have nothing better to do other than buy data to troll public figures online.

His recent outburst was caused by fellow comedian’s Mulamwah move to quit comedy over trolls.

Unfortunately, YY, who has been in that space before, declared to his critics that until his trolls on Twitter, surpass his number of followers on the online platform, he shall Never quit comedy.

Comedian, YY

Raging on his Twitter account, the funny man dared:

I have 440k Followers on facebook,350k on instagram and 24,200 on twitter….Total 814,200…that’s the numbers in terms of love… Therefore,the only way I will quit Comedy is when tweets of hate Beat that number…814,201 tweets..I challenge you.bila hiyo you’re Toothless!

Real names, Oliver Otieno is not going to sit and watch a section of haters bully and send creatives into depression – not today, not ever.

Taking to his Instagram account, the funny man flaunted his Toyota Landcruiser Prado which he attested as evidence of his sweat and hard work.


What you wish for others is exactly what you become..let me repeat..You are a reflection of what You wish others…

Comedian, YY


Shifting gear to Mulamwah, YY insisted that a line needs to be drawn between fans who are genuine and those with nothing better to say.

Comedians, Mulamwah (left) and YY (right)

For him, he believes nothing like trolls should have compelled Mulamwah to lower his guard like this.

my brother You should know that there are Fans who matter and those that don’t…Fans who matter ata wakikukosoa it’s from their heart…lakini kuna wenye ata kwao wazazi wamechoka na wao…Those ones will be happy to see you on the Ground….Get UP My man Tupige hii Kitu…


Rudi kazi @mulamwah ….You can never be trolled by someone doing better than You????


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