“I wish my father loved me” cries Oga Obinna

Image: Oga Obinna

Growing up with parents who barely show you any love can be traumatizing for any child and I guess this is why a grown man like Oga Obinna, still wishes he had a more loving dad.

I mean, it’s no secret that his dad treated him different because of his cheeky behavior which ruined their relationship. Speaking just recently, Obinna opened up about his struggling relationship with his dad saying;

I never had a father figure. I was the loud one and the noisy one. I used to think I was cursed because a mistake would happen, and my dad would beat me without finding out what happened. You will find that probably it was not me, but because he already beat me, so I would never snitch on the other person.

For that reason they both grew apart and Oga Obinna still held on to the grudges saying;

I am the type of person who holds grudges. I can hold grudges over years. So when he kicked me out of his home, I held that grudge. When I came to Nairobi, did everything I did, and Obinna happened, I said I am not going to forgive him.

Oga Obinna regrets relationship with dad

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Although their relationship still struggles, Oga Obinna recently spoke to SPM buzz where he confessed wanting a different relationship with his.

Ogaobinna with son

According to the Kiss FM presenter, he wishes his dad treated him like the rest of his siblings or even just loved him for who he is.

  I wish I had a more loving father and a friend.

However he still doesn’t regret how their relationship turned out because thanks to that kind of pain, he managed to make something out of himself, a career and a family he always wanted.

Maybe or maybe not because probably. If My father would have been present, maybe I would not have felt the urge to go out of my shell and probably I wouldn’t be me. Or maybe If I had that one loving dad, I would be a better, a better human being. I would be a better father, better friend maybe.

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