I won’t have any more children for at least seven years, Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika recently shared her future family plans, revealing that she intends to wait at least seven more years before considering more children. The reality TV star and mother of two humorously stated her decision with a laughing emoji, emphasizing her stance with a meme:

“$ things I won’t be this Summer: pregnant, broke, sad and pregnant.”


Vera denies rumors that she may reunite with her ex-Brown Mauzo

This declaration contrasts with Vera’s past desire for a larger family, notably expressed during her pregnancy with her son, Prince Ice Brown, who recently turned one on March 3. After returning to Kenya from an extended stay in the US, Vera has maintained a low profile, possibly focusing on her spiritual journey.

In January, she opened up about her desire to reconnect with her faith and find a church where she could actively participate without feeling overwhelmed by attention:

“Haven’t been to church in ages. Damn. I’m a believer, I pray and do my part as a Christian but damn hard going to church. Too much attention. Y’all know any good Churches where I won’t be destroyed. Ideally in Karen.”


Vera exclaims about her daughter Asia’s genius and provides two fantastic instances.

Her recent statements suggest a deliberate effort to prioritize her spiritual growth and personal development during this period of reflection.

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