“I would have gone for an older mama” Kristoff sets the record straight on being sponsored by Yvonne Darcq

Kristoff is back with a bang, the rapper had taken a sabbatical since mid last year. He has also addressed some of the bad rumors said about him last year.

A while back there were claims that Yvonne Darcq and Kristoff were an item. The two celebs were frequently seen together in public leading to the speculations.

Yvonne Darcq and Kristoff at a past event
Yvonne Darcq and Kristoff at a past event

There were also claims that Yvonne Darcq was sponsoring Kristoff. The rapper addressed the claims during a recent interview with Word Is.

“We were friends with Yvonne Darcq and nothing else was going on between us. How do I have a younger sponsor? I would have gone for an older mama if I wanted a sponsor. I will get married in two years and my ideal woman is light-skinned and hardworking,” Kristoff said.



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