If I Die, Bury Me With My Wedding Gown On’- Akothee Tells Her Family

Akothee is proving her worth and setting the pace for fellow celebrities with her lavish lifestyle and sumptuous gifts to self.

Recently, Akothee flaunted her expensive wedding gown which she went to buy in Paris all  by herself. According to the mother of five, the preference of her dress wasn’t available in Kenya, yet her wedding day is days away (10th April, 2023).

Not only has she bought a deluxe wedding dress, but her shoes as well. In total, it cost Akothee 6000 Swiss Franc (Ksh 868247.42) for both. She divulged the amount in a recent interview after landing back to the country.

Additionally, Akothee paid a first class ticket for her gown, which she sat alongside.

It cost her almost a million Kenyan shillings to purchase the gift. And this is why she won’t be letting go easily. She went for the best.

This is why she wants to get buried with it on her D-day (burial day).

Watch her interview below;

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