Ignored! Nyashinski shares how fan embarrassed him after requesting a photo with Jua Cali 

Rapper Nyashinski found himself in an awkward situation after a fan ignored him for a photo with Jua Cali.

Just like everybody else, celebrities also have their embarrassing moments and for Nyashinski, it all came after standing to a more popular guy than him.


Nyash shared that the fan walked to him and exchanged greetings only for him request him to take a picture with Jua Cali.

“There is this time, I was standing next to Jua Cali. So, this guy comes, approaches us and he was like Nyash niaje. then he is like I like your songs nikamwambia thanks. Then he took his phone and told me unaeza nipiga picha na Jua Cali?” he said. 


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