“I’ll strip you naked” Zari Hassan threatens to expose former fake friend

Boss lady Zari Hassan is back on social media;  and unfortunately she is not happy with one of her former friends believed to be bad mouthing her. Women.

According Zari despite having fallen off with this particular friend; the drama  from their past relationship continues to follow her – however this is something the boss lady will not be putting up with.

Just to prove how annoyed and irritated she is about this former friend; Ms Zari through her IG stories posted a photo of the alleged lady to which she captioned;

 I’m living a drama free life because I no longer hang out with fake people like you. You were here for the likes and followers. Every time I tagged you, you got excited when you got followers like a kid in a candy store.

Zari with the shade

Well not quite sure what led to this nasty fallout; but truth is – from how Zari threw the shade, chances are that this is about gossip and rumors surrounding boss lady’s life and way of living.

Anyway on the same post, she went on to add;

The real reason behind my breakup with you was more than gossiping for TV Clout. I’m the last person you want to provoke. Norma I will expose you, I’ll strip you naked. Don’t come come me unless I have called for you. Your ex husband will be shocked married to a mahosha or a wife. come slow sis, I don’t do drama, I burnt that all building. I no longer live there. Peace.

In another post, the boss lady went on to add;

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