Illuminati recruiter desperate to enroll singer Avril into satanic cult

Illuminati is a mysterious group said to have direct link to Lucifer himself. Other conspiracy theorists believe Illuminati is a group that seeks a new world order, the reason why it recruits politicians, religious leaders and celebrities.

Illuminati members are said to be using the media to brainwash the masses. This explain why the secret society is said to focus on recruiting people who have influence over the masses.

Kenyan singer Avril Nyambura shared a screenshot of a message she received from an alleged Illuminati recruiter. The person was offering Avril instant riches if she agreed to join the secret society.

Life changed forever

The Illuminati recruiter further tells Avril that the secret society is recruiting billions of citizens across the world. They promises her that her life will change for the better if she joins the satanic cult.

“Hello, join Illuminati and change your life forever. For the first time in history our organisation is seeking to recruit candidates for Illuminati membership from the billions of citizens on this planet. My name is ***. I am a full member, we make you rich and famous,” the message read.

Avril however laughed off the message. Con men have also been sending similar messages to unsuspecting Kenyans with the aim of ripping them off.



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