I’m a wonderful father! Five-parent Samidoh recounts his experiences

Mugithi artist Samidoh takes his role as a father with utmost seriousness, a fact he candidly shared in a recent interview with SPM Buzz.

Despite juggling his career as a police officer with the National Police Service Commission and his nationwide entertainment engagements, Samidoh prioritizes his parental duties above all else.

Reflecting on his newfound fame and the inevitable scrutiny that comes with it, Samidoh acknowledges the balancing act required to navigate the positives and negatives of being in the public eye.

“There’s a cost to everything. When I was just a herdsman in Jorook, I didn’t face certain things because I was nobody. But now that I’m famous, there’s a bit of negativity that comes with it. Life is like a balance sheet, with its ups and downs. So when negativity comes your way, you learn to filter it out and focus. The problem isn’t with me or us,” he explained.

He also takes the responsibility of guiding his eldest daughter, especially regarding the misconceptions that may arise from his online presence.

“The problem lies with how people blow things out of proportion, misquote others, and twist facts. So, my job is to sit down with my children and explain that in life, people may manipulate situations, but you need to stay true to yourself,” he emphasized.

As a father of five children from two women, Karen Nyamu and Edday Nderitu, Samidoh sees his parental role as a duty he wholeheartedly embraces.

“Isn’t it evident that they’re all doing well? The only downside is if a child lacks food… My responsibility is to raise my kids, and I raise them all equally. I may not be perfect, but I’m a good father. I’m always there for my children—emotionally, financially, and in every other way,” he affirmed.

Samidoh attributes his achievements to his faith, acknowledging the role of God in his journey.

“If it weren’t for God, where would I be?” he concluded, expressing gratitude for his success.

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