“I’m breaking and going nuts” Brendah Jon opens up about her struggle with mental health

Actress cum comedian Brendah Jons is not shy to admit that she has been struggling with her mental health for the past few weeks or months.

In fact for her, this has been an on and off struggle for years and like a seesaw – some days are up and some days are down which explains her recent post on Mental health.

As seen on her Instagram page, Brendah Jons admits to struggling with depression that has left her drinking too much, over and under eating among other struggles. In the detailed post shared on her page Brendah wrote;


Lately, a lot has been happening and I’ve been very emotional about a lot of things. My mental health has been challenged ,I’ve found myself doing things i never thought I’d do. I’ve found myself drinking too much,over eating,not eating at all,crying too much, all extremes on feelings and emotions.

Suicidal thoughts

Although this is not a new thing to most people who have battled with depression, Jons says at some point she she even gotten suicidal – just to see whether the noise in her world would stop.


I’ve been suicidal and felt like i just want to stop the noise from the world in my life. I look happy,i look okay but deep down I’m breaking and going nuts. I just want genuine freedom and rest.

However thanks to her support system I’m guessing this is why Brendah Jons remains in the land of the living; but again, according to her – her post wasn’t aimed at seeking sympathy from anyone. She mentioned this in her last paragraph saying;

Brendah Jons struggling with mental health

Why I’m i sharing this?
Not for pity or consolation, no. I know it will remind someone that it’s okay not to be okay and it’s okay to take a break from the world and focus on yourself…so I’m taking a healthy break from everything, i just need to stay quiet and listen to myself and heal. I don’t know how but i know that i have genuine people in my life and i am sure things will work out for me. Thank you to everyone who’s held me down. I appreciate you ???? #mentalhealth #itsgonnabeokay #strong

Again – it’s only fair to say Brendah Jons has been struggling with mental health since that day she broke down on her Instagram live following betrayal from Phoina and ex girlfriend, Phy.

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