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‘I’m Hoping We Get Twins’-Mungai Eve On Having Children With Boyfriend Trevor (Screenshot)

May 10, 2022 at 09:43
'I'm Hoping We Get Twins'-Mungai Eve On Having Children With Boyfriend Trevor (Screenshot)

Celebrity couple Mungai Eve and her boyfriend Bonventure Monyancha, popularly known as director Trevor have been on the limelight recently over pregnancy allegations. For now, what we can discern from Mungai Eve’s sentiments is that she’s not yet pregnant, and still not ready to have a baby with Trevor. She has been rumoured on several occasions over the same, but the allegations always end up in a cul de sac. But a recent photo she shared on her Instagram showed a protruding stomach and gave fans the heebie jeebies.

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Baby Fever?

Either way, Mungai Eve’s love for children is evident as she has addressed the pregnancy issue via her Instagram stories. As a matter of fact, her dream is to have twins with Trevor. She claims that Trevor happens to be a twin, and her dad is also a twin. Her prayer is to have twins when the right time comes.

Sharing through a Q&A session with her fans, Mungai maintained that it’s not yet her time to get pregnant. When asked about whether she’s looking forward to have twins, she replied;

”Of course yes, twins actually. It’s a dream of every woman to get kids when the right time comes.”




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