‘I’m Hustling On My Own’ Huddah Reiterates She’s Not Dating Men For Money, Advices Young Girls To Do The Same

Image: By the end of the day, being independent gives you so much power - Huddah Monroe advises

Huddah’s sumptuous lifestyle in Dubai has been in question ever since she moved to there; especially now that it’s alleged that she’s under house arrest after being involved in fraud. Huddah had previously blamed the Coronavirus pandemic for stopping her from exploring other countries.

But doubts have started building up after learning that she might be restricted from moving.

The Boss Chick


Despite the allegations, Huddah is still living life with a big spoon in Dubai. It’s every girl’s dream to be shaking their derriere on a yacht in Dubai; and Huddah is living the dream.

She acknowledges her success to herself; and claims she doesn’t depend on rich men to get what she wants. This is not the first time she’s justifying herself on the same.

On her Insta stories, she wrote;

”If I had a rich boyfriend or man. Do you think I’d be hustling? Looking for ways to make more money? Lol!
I’d be in a Rolls Royce chilling and shopping daily. But I’m still balling on a budget. Saving and investing on my future kids future.

I choose love and D*  over money coz I can make my own.”


Huddah continued to advise young girls telling them they can make it on their own.

”Bloggers, stop misleading these young girls. You can make it on your own. If you want a sugar daddy you can still find them… Life’s all about choices. I choose love and D* & hustling for my own.”

Huddah’s cosmetic business is already proof that she’s making her own money. This makes her advice relevant to young girls.


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