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I’m not donating money for the Famine Relief Fund and neither should you

November 29, 2022 at 23:04
I'm not donating money for the Famine Relief Fund and neither should you

Once again the government of Kenya has come to its citizenry and is asking for donations to assist with the drought Relief Fund something that I personally refused to participate in.
And my reason for the refusal is pretty simple we vote for a government that is meant to plan ahead to mitigate certain things such as droughts have been endemic and have only been getting worse over the past 10 years so this is not something that our government has been planning can say blindsided them.

Keep in mind the fact that our government has been ramping up tax collection with every passing year they have been setting higher and higher targets for k r a to surpass so why are we the most heavily taxed citizenry or among the most heavily taxed citizenry in the world being asked to dig deeper into our pockets it makes no sense really especially as netizens have been arguing the cabinet secretaries who are billionaires can come together and come up with money which would be a much more expedient way of solving this problem.

The government is going to create a whole think-tank around combat drought and how best to get people involved then we are going to have celebrities come together and sing their songs about unity and “Kumbaya” then following which we are going to be told how we need to step up as Kenyans but I’m tired. I’m tired and I can’t be expected to do the government’s work for the government. You campaign for an elective position, get the position, only for us to realise you had no plan for the job. So now your plan is to turn around and tell Kenyans, “In as much as we are taxing you almost to your grave, in as much as the cost of living has really skyrocketed, we want you to once again dig deep and be a responsible Kenyan citizen”. Hard pass on that.


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