I’m Not Rich, I’m Wealthy- Akothee Claims As She Claims To Be Removed From List Of East Africa’s Richest Musicians

There’s no doubt Akothee is among the richest women we have in East Africa. Her Lifestyle says it all. From exorbitant rides to palatial homes, you name it, she has accumulate all and she’s not bragging about it. In fact, Akothee admonishes her fellow artists not to live a fake lifestyle to show fans that they’re doing well.

The mother of five is an epitome of grass to grace. While she was a teenager, Akothee already had children. And she tarmacked for a couple of years before her breakthrough.

Born 8 April 1983Akothee has made it big both in the music industry and business. She is the founder of Akothee Safaris, a tour company based in Kenya, the Akothee Foundation, a charity, Akothee Homes, a real estate business, among others.

Last year, she was among the business moguls named among the richest in Africa. She was also featured in a recent research that named her among the richest in East Africa. But she’s not contented with the list.

According to her, being rich is not her cup of tea. She declined being rich, and claimed she’s wealthy.

”Sasa nani ameniweka kwa hii list ? ????????????????????????????????????
Mnitoe kwa hii list kabisa ,mimi Rich list nilipita kitambo bro ????????,I am managing Wealth . sipendi madharau ndogo ndogo mimi .

Mniweke kwa list ya WEALTHIEST
Richest ni matusi kwangu alah !????????
Know the difference between 1. balancing Bill’s & managing wealth ????????????????????
I feel like starting trouble
????????????????????????,” she wrote on her Gram.


A wealthy person typically has a significant net worth, while a rich person could have a high annual income but a negative net worth because of debt.

Do you think Akothee belongs to the wealthiest or richest?

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