“I’m now ready to remarry,” Nicah The Queen shouts years after Ofweneke broke her heart 

Gospel musician Nicah The Queen has come out to reveal that she’s ready to settle down and give marriage a second chance after her failed first tryout.

The singer who was married to comedian Dr. Owfeneke said that she’s ready to use the lessons she got from her first failed relationship now that she has healed.

‘I thank God for all the heartbreaks I have experienced, for all the pain and rejection I have faced but guess what, I still want to love and be under someone, I still want to look up to and follow someones footsteps. I still want to submit and be someone’s wife. I still want to pray for someone and love them without condition. I still want to be someone’s best friend and hide their nakedness,” she wrote.


Moving on

Nicah accused Ofweneke of domestic violence while he accused her of being promiscuous. Since then Nicah has never really moved on though he has been linked to different men.

”One day I’ll build my own house, I will love and honour my husband, he will call me blessed so are my kids. I can’t wait and Papa God knows that’s my heart desires,” she added.

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