I’m Very Persuasive When I Shoot My Shot- King Kalala On Approaching Men

It’s rare for ladies to approach men and open up about their feelings towards them. Most of them make it seem like something peculiar and fictional. But some actually have the courage to do that. Without a doubt, social media has brought most people into the limelight. King Kalala, whose real name is ¬†Prudence Chepkirui Tanui, is one of them. The content creator and radio presenter first went viral after a video she posted complaining that her boyfriend was gay and didn’t tell her.

The video even helped her bag a role at NRG radio as a presenter; making her one of the youngest to get such a role. What makes her conspicuous is her vocals. She has even been nicknamed ‘the female Andrew Kibe’. This is because of their similarities in putting ‘no filter’ in their words and talking about explicit topics comfortably.

On an Instagram Q&A, Kalala was asked by one of her fans,

”Are you scared of being rejected after shooting your shot?”

Kalala’s answer;

”Scared is a strong word. But yeah kidesign… Lakini me ni very persuasive”

With her confidence, I bet she definitely is persuasive. Kalala is yet to disclose if she’s dating or not.

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