“In a few years, you will be ashamed of your actions,” Ezekiel Mutua cautions Eric Omondi

Image: “In a few years, you will be ashamed of your actions,” Ezekiel Mutua cautions Eric Omondi

The ongoing heated debate between Ezekiel Mutua and Eric Omondi keeps taking different dimensions.

This is following the KFCB Boss’ recent address in Mombasa, calling out the comedian for disrespecting the fact that children can get exposed to his kind of online content which is deemed ‘adult’ content.

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Eric came out to address Dr Ezekiel clarifying that he did not deserve to get called out in that manner and especially since the moral cop had allegedly not contributed in any way in the entertainment industry.

Eric hits backs

In response to that, Eric compared his kind of ‘explicit’ content to the popular WWE wrestling matches that has apparently been;

“Kenya’s favourite TV program generation after generation played on the National Channel KBC for decades now. Lakini PRESIDENT akiunga na aonyeshe Misuli sasa inawauma…” Eric remarked.

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Ezekiel Mutua responds

“Celebrities have so much influence on our children and if we don’t raise this conversations our kids will grow thinking that being immoral is ‘cool’,” the Board CEO has stated.

Before clarifying that Eric Omondi is without doubt one of Africa’s greatest talents and Kenyan’s best” but the only problem the media chief-whip has with him is;

“…he needs to respect himself and obey the law. Let him use his talents to promote positive social values. Youths who follow him must not think that good comedy is nudity or vulgarity!”

Dr Ezekiel Mutua

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Going ahead to forewarn especially the young and upcoming talents in the local space against the kind of content they choose to put up which they might end up regretting in their old age.

In his letter, he addresses;

“Dear young artistes, in another 20 years or so, the kind of content you are producing now for likes on social media and for fame will be consumed by your children. That time, you will be ashamed of yourself. Itakuaffect!!”

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