Inauma But Itabidi Uzoee! Stivo Simple Boy Furious After His Instagram Gets Hacked (Video)

Hacking of celebrities’ accounts has become more pronounced recently; and gospel musician Stivo Simple Boy has found himself on the receiving end.

Weeks ago, legendary musician Nameless also got his Instagram account hacked; which had over 1 Million followers. It was only a matter of days before he got the account back. Additionally, KRG the Don also got his YouTube account hacked by a Tanzanian recently. This time round, gospel musician Simple Boy has taken to Facebook to announce the sad news and warn the hacker.

”Vipi watu wangu? Ni Stivo Simple Boy. Kuna jambo flani nataka niwaambia manze. Instagram yangu ime hackiwa manze lakini sijakufa moyo. Bado nazidi kuwafuatilia. ”


Stivo Simple Boy has now opened another account; immediately after the incident;

”Lakini in the meantime, nimefungua ingine apo. Link iko pale Facebook. Mni follow tuendelee ku communicate. Ama vipi? Na ule mwenye amechukua hio Instagram yangu, your days are numbers. Au sio? Ndio maanake.”

Celebrities are becoming more vulnerable to hacking. It’s time for others to be more careful.

Below is Stivo Simple Boy’s video;

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