Inside information on Kwambox, a presenter at Kiss 100 FM, quitting the station after a year

Kwambox, the dynamic presenter on Kiss 100 FM, is bidding farewell to the station.

Sources close to the situation reveal that after a year, Kwambox has made the decision to depart from the station’s breakfast show.


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Her departure is anticipated to bring about adjustments in the station’s lineup, as the breakfast show holds significant importance in radio programming.

Before joining Radio Africa Group, Kwambox showcased her talent as a presenter on Vybez Radio and also held a hosting position at Homeboyz Radio.

In addition to her radio work, she co-hosts a podcast with Kerry Martin & Joyce Maina.


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The trio is poised to join the ranks of celebrity hosts at one of Radio Africa Group’s prominent stations.

Radio Africa Group, the parent company, oversees several stations including Kiss 100, Classic 105, Radio Jambo, Gukena FM, East FM, Smooth FM & Homeboyz FM.

Fun facts about Sheila Kwambox: Sheila Kwambox, the vivacious radio personality known for her infectious energy and captivating dance moves, has carved a niche for herself in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

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