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Inside Zari’s ex husband’s multi-million 3 storey house

April 25, 2017 at 10:55
Inside Zari's ex husband's multi-million 3 storey house

Ivan Don is a man living large and even though he has no wife to share his wealth with, this does not bother him. He already has heirs to his wealth and this must be the reason he is grateful to his ex wife, Zari.

So far we understand that he owns a couple of mansions in Uganda and South Africa where he is currently living. But the recent photos of his mansion cannot be compared to the other houses and estates he owns.

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Well, I am talking about his 3 storey mansion that has been causing a stir on social media. Though it is not that new, the photos have left many wishing they could actually own one that looks exact as Ivan’s house.

Looking at one photo from inside the house, there is no doubt that Ivan has some grate taste when it comes to interior design. He also seems to have learnt one or two things from his ex wife who also understands the importance of decorating a house with nothing but the best.

Anyway below are a few photos courtesy of Ivan Don’s social media pages.
Ivan Don's mansionIvan Don's mansionIvan Don's mansion


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