Internet lights up as Betty Kyallo goes HAM on a critic who linked her with Mombasa governor Hassan Joho

Betty Kyallo didn’t take it lightly that someone linked her to Mombasa governor Hassan Joho even after she declared that she was a ‘free spirit’.

The beautiful KTN anchor was in a jovial mood when she took to Instagram to reveal that she was a free spirit – she didn’t mind whatever status people associate her with.

“Single, Taken who cares, I’m awesome! ? #FreeSpirit,” Betty captioned a photo she posted online.

While most people were appreciating her beauty, critics used the opportunity to throw mud at her – some taunted her by dragging Hassan Joho’s name into the conversation.

A certain Sammymstepper wrote “001” on the comment section and Betty Kyallo decided give him a taste of one’s own medicine.

Betty redirected him to the official Instagram handle of Mombasa governor – Hassan Joho.

sammymstepper: 001

bettymuteikyallo: @sammymstepper let me redirect you at no cost to the handle you are looking for @Joho_001 you are welcome??

Betty’s action lit up Instagram as her fans commended her for hitting back at Sammymstepper in a clever way.

See some of the comments below:

  kristinendanu: @bettymuteikyallo ????savage but he deserves it.

    Kristinendanu: @bettymuteikyallo don’t tolerate stupid comments from people

Nikkinzula:Savage ?????????????????????????

    Milankabata: @bettymuteikyallo… That response.. Girl!!…

ms_thung: @bettymuteikyallo issa bout time u put dem nosy ass haters in their place????caption is errthing’??????

    njeri_karuga: Exactly.. What matters is you are happy @bettymuteikyallo

sayiaton_birisha: Savage ????

    grifoe: You look disturbed though !

    ombatijnr:@bettymuteikyallo the guy is just obsessed

    naimaharun1234: Wow always stunning

    sarah_ngugi7: Yes yes!!!this is a kind of human being who never tolerate bullshit,let them know @bettymuteikyallo

ombatijnr: Kenyans, what makes you think you can dictate somebody’s lifestyle….. Mmeshindwa kulima Sasa ni kulimana tu . maana bei ya unga imeshoot ..

esalimbabrian4: We are always ready to talk of others yet we forget we have our own bigger problems that we haven’t even tried to solve them.@bettymuteikyallo every time I pass to yaya and see the post advertising posh palace I see hard work and determination keep on moving

    joho_ali_hassan: yes babe acha waongee but you know your place in my heart.sikuachii ngoo

    achibelabae:My Governor ndaanii ndaani tukutane 8Th August.

    naphas_masia: @fabishwizard mbona mi sioni Joho pahali?maybe umemistake,I think account yake ni @joho_001???

    beatrice.wanja: This girl @bettymuteikyallo is on fireee??? can’t stop singing @bettymuteikyallo

    pepsyvonne: @bettymuteikyallo loving this look… I am surprised people are offended when you love yourself… Psst!its not a crime to love yourself.

farida_that_gal: @bettymuteikyallo beautiful haters gonna hate and people should know you ain’t a little girl you are the CEO of your life ??

    ken_mutai:Awesomelycute indeed n oozing confidence…go go gal who gives a damn to the haters.

    iris_nelise: Finally @bettymuteikyallo spoke up,.. Hit the L haters n exit stage , is it centre or right?, Betty like PrettyBetty ?#FreeSpirit



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