Jalang’o breaks to tears after Auntie Boss actress Silprosa opened up on being raped aged 9 (Video)

Greed has subjected many women and girls to sexual abuse, forever leaving a scar never to be healed, a pain never to be overcome and a mental tear whose repair might take time.

Auntie Boss lead actress, Sandra Dacha became a victim of rape at the tender age of 9 after a whole grown family man decided to take advantage of a young girl, in the middle of the night, right at the comfort of his house.

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The self-proclaimed Kenya’s biggest machine yesterday opened up on Jalango TV, telling of an experience she kept under wraps for years, not even her family or close friends were let privy to the information.

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Despite having scaled the heights to gain massive public recognition, Sandra’s childhood was nothing close to rosy. Born in Mukuru Kayaba slums, a young Sandra would sell peanuts on the busy streets of Nairobi daily for 2 years, to support her family.

Sandra Dacha narrates her rape incident on Jalango TV

The fateful day

That became her routine while 8 years of age before she met her defilers at age 9. It so happened that on the fateful day, her mum having previously warned her against going to sell peanuts at Lunar Park, Sandra decided to test the waters and went to the park that day.

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Aunty Boss’ actress, Silprosa

As night fall came, Sandra could not trace her way back home so she went to the stage and announced that she was lost and needed someone to get her back home. A stranger volunteered and drove her to his house and on getting to the parking lot, the man started touching her inappropriately.

Film star, Sandra Dacha

They then went into the house, where his wife was breastfeeding at the time, so she took Sandra to a room where she slept on the floor. According to the film star, the man would occasionally come from their bedroom and into the room where she was.

Sandra could not understand the events of that night but the following morning, on getting home, her mum persistently questioned her about where she was last night but Sandra kept her silence.

Renowned actress, Silprosa aka Sandra Dacha

A day after, Ms Dacha started having complications and was then taken to a doctor, where she refused to open up but eventually got treated. A moving story she never told anyone until when she emotionally opened up on Jalango TV, driving the comedian to tears mid-interview. Listen in;

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