Is Eric Omondi washed up?

Image: “I’ve been on a gym workout routine for 8 months,” Eric Omondi explains his ‘sudden’ weight gain

Eric Omondi has earned the ire of the entire entertainment fraternity with Bien, Khaligraph and Kamene Goro being the most vocal about their displeasure and outright contempt for his opinions on what ails the Kenyan entertainment scene.

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And some of the words being thrown about seem to indicate that the trio think the comedian washed up and washed out. That’s right, a lot of celebrities are claiming the former Churchill Ndambuki protege a faded star clinging to the spotlight.

Eric Omondi cross dressing

But do they have a point? Is Eric Omondi truly washed out? I would argue that he’s not. Whether or not you like him and his brand of comedy and whether or not you like his opinions on what ails the Kenyan entertainment scene -and most celebs don’t- Eric Omondi is anything but washed up.

Eric Omondi has a point BUT…

You see, in order to determine whether or not a comedian is washed up, we need to look at their last pieces of work and performances. This isn’t about whether or not you find his body of work hilarious because humour is subjective.

Eric Omondi has been working! He has been touring the globe performing with his most recent performance being in Uganda and before that, he was invited to Egypt and before that, the Gulf region. So he clearly has his fans and they are giving him work.

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What about the content he put out? The last one that comes to mind was his dating show which was the talk of the entire country back in 2021. Let that sink in, whether or not you remember it’s name (it was called Wife Material by the way), you cannot pretend not to remember that he had a very interesting and controversial dating show.

So, as you can see, you cannot deny Eric Omondi’s success. You cannot deny that he still has clout and relevance. Sure, he does get up to doing some rather immature publicity stunts but regardless of all that, he is truly a popular comedian.

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It is also worth noting that most of his detractors cannot attack the points he is making hence their decision to make their arguments about his relevance.

Eric Omondi

Fo once we are going to emerge from an article with an answer, is he washed up? No. Definitely not. If anything Eric Omondi might shock many by having his career outlast those of some of his detractors. Or at least his legacy… How? Well, should the bill he is pushing to have Kenyan media houses mandated to play 75% Kenyan content, he will have gone down not only in the Hansards of Parliament but also in Kenyan history.

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