Is Msanii Foreman’s near-perfect chemistry in the new video – Cherie – with stunning Ethiopian model Milka Shlemon a glimpse into a likely budding relationship?

Well, there’s a new social status in regards to getting hitched.

There’s the usual categories: Dating. Single. Married. Complicated. Divorced.

Then, there’s a new one: Living in Nairobi.

Yes, living in Nairobi is a status – just a rung after ‘divorced’.

Other than narrowing it down to Nairobi and her men, it seems to be a thing with Kenyan men all round – whether in Nairobi or across the world. The diaspora is teeming with successful Kenyan men hesitant to tie the notch.

In the music (showbiz) industry, fans keenly follow the celebrities. It gets confusing pretty fast. In a world surrounded by striking beauties, how does an artist make a choice – or, better, still – why doesn’t an artist make a choice?

For instance, US-based Kenyan artist Msanii Foreman.

This is an established composer, artist and performer based in Arizona, USA.

Msanii Foreman has featured locally in gender-driven charity and FGM awareness campaigns in the past decade. He’s released a string of club bangers, featuring gifted artists from diverse backgrounds across the globe.

Thing is, despite perfect chemistry on and off the set with the Fem-Cee’s, Msanii Foreman is hesitant to pursue a social angle beyond the stage, or, if he has, largely keeps off mainstream media.

Msanii Foreman has a couple of remarkable releases, like Africa – a track that pays homage to his homeland – featuring Faith Stan, G-Bana and Flex Muziki. He’s also considerably ruled the radio airwaves with the popular hit, Sexy Body featuring La Irene – with an awesomely choreographed video.

Msanii’s latest project involves a dazzling, US-based Ethiopian model with a string of runway titles under her belt – Milka Shlemon.

Milka Shlemon has made a name on the modelling stage. She’s best known for her work with Africa Fest USA which is an independent Collaborative of Professionals for advancement of African culture, and, natural Afro hair.

She currently ranks in the “Top 50” models in the universal fashion industry.

Msanii Foreman’s latest release is already trending as a club banger – Cherie – that features Milka Shlemon, blending in perfect harmony – smooth vocals and awesome video choreography.

Cherie is a narrative crafted in Swahili, telling a story of infatuation, love and romance.

Speaking of love and romance, Milka Shlemon and Msanii Foreman bond effortlessly – shouldn’t that be the cue for the Kenyan artist to make moves and settle once and for all?

Here’s the link to Cherie, take a swing and give an opinion. The video: A hit or a miss?

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