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Is Vivianne serious about Kenya’s entertainment scene being demonic?

June 27, 2020 at 12:43
Is Vivianne serious about Kenya's entertainment scene being demonic?

Vivianne has come out to support Vanessa Mdee assertions that the entertainment scene is bedevilled and filled with evil energy.

Singer Vivianne confirms music industry is ‘demonic’ barely days after Vanessa Mdee’s claims

And the particular issue in question is said to be hypocrisy. According to Vivianne, Vanessa Mdee was right when she said members of the entertainment fraternity will act as if they care but will watch you fall into alcoholism and not care.


Kenyan celebrity artiste, Vivianne

Vivianne was quoted as saying,

¨A fan tried to k!ss Vivianne a second time and I slapped him so hard¨ Sam West narrates

I love to make music but the pressure and the hypocrisy will drive you into depression or substance abuse that’s for sure.. In my own capacity as Vivian the lack of truth and lack of love that is characteristic in our entertainment system is demonic.


But is this true? Are entertainers looking to sacrifice each other for the sake of success like in you favourite garbage Nollywood flick?

“I have worked hard to build my career!” Vivianne tells off those claiming her music is lacking

To be honest, we are merely being treated to excuses from Vivianne who is unwilling to take responsibility for her own issues and drama.
Were she to set up a strong support network, she wouldn’t need to run to alcohol to cope with pressure.


Were Vivianne a lass with a spine, she wouldn’t be swayed by the pressure to put up appearances of success to the point of falling into debt.

There is no shame in having a humble beginning – Singer Vivian to Kenyan artistes

So in one way, she is right, Vivianne is saying the truth that entertainers are plagued by devils but they are haunted by their own demons of their own creation.


That is why some artists thrive and never get swayed while some come into money and fame and success and can’t seem to keep their noses out of controversies and trouble. Vivianne might actually be speaking about her own struggles and she is merely projecting her issues to the entire entertainment playground.

And perhaps, if she goes to church and addresses her own demons, she will soon be singing a new song and who knows, Vivianne’s next song just might be a gospel hit.


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