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Is Willis Raburu still a married man? He responds (Video)

August 13, 2020 at 09:16
Is Willis Raburu still a married man? He responds (Video)

Citizen TV news anchor cum 10/10 news anchor Willis Raburu recently graced Jalang’os YouTube show for an interview; and just as you expected, it was an indeed lit interview!

Having the two media personality come together on the interview – not only spiced up things but helped Willis speak out his mind without the fear of being judged.

Among some of the questions asked by Jalang’o is whether Willis is dating someone now that it seems he is no longer involved with his wife, Maryaprude. The two are said to have parted ways since things changed after losing their first child together. Jalang’o asked;

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Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

Are you dating?

Raburu speaks about his wife for the first time

From the response given by Willis Raburu, he did not confirm nor deny whether he was still involved with Marya. One thing for sure is that he no longer wears his wedding ring like before; but chances are that they may be taking a short break.

Anyway responding to Jalang’os question, Mr Raburu went on to say;

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Willis Raburu and Maryaprude

What do you mean, I’m dating? Everybody knows my situation. And the only way that will be fair to talk about it is if all parties are here. But when the opportunity arises I will talk about it because, I think that there are ups and downs in everything, there is nothing that is absolutely smooth. And the reason why I will talk about it eventually… when am ready…candid and raw.


losing a child they had already imagined a bright future with must have affected their marriage in one way or another.

However things between the two seem to have escalated a notch higher forcing them to take a break from each other. But since we cannot confirm what really went on between the two, let’s give it time and see whether they will reunite soon!


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