Is Zari Hassan Finally Bored With Her Ben 10 Boyfriend?

Valentine’s Day has been cosseted by several couples far & wide. Lovey-doveys had their chance to showcase their affection by showering each other with gifts & flowers.

For the bachelors, it was a normal day under the sun as they went about their daily dues.

Some with spouses were however, caught off-guard- or rather, didn’t see the essence of cosseting the day of love.

Zari Hassan, known for her uncanny love for youngins, did not celebrate her boyfriend Shakib for his repertoire; who showered her with words of love.

“Happy Valentine’s day my queen, you are a blessing to me,” Shakib wrote under a picture of himself with the socialite.

Already Bored?

Zari however, did not reciprocate the Valentine’s message.

A few weeks ag, Zari had insinuated that she was not in good terms with the young boyfriend after her post

“Some people don’t understand how poisonous lies can be. Lies infect and curse happy relationships until you feel sick to your stomach believing them again, No matter how much you love someone, sometimes you can’t help but feel like they stole your Comfort. You are no longer comfortable because you second guess everything.”

Over the years, Zari has been replacing her boyfriends like it’s a piece of cake. And Shakib wouldn’t be an exception. She’s probably already bored with the relationship as she always does whenever she stays for a while. A sneak peak on her Instagram says it all; she’s no longer posting him like she used to. We can discern that the two are no longer in love like before. And it’s only a matter of time before Zari moves on.


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