Isn’t he like the coolest pastor around? This is how Pastor Odendo, the Kenyan celebrities go to pastor spent his birthday (photos)

Just how would you expect a pastor to spend their birthday?

In church right? With the congregation telling them about the birth of Jesus and how it resonates with their birthday. Or maybe at home having dinner with the family perhaps? Or just forget the whole thing entirely because well pastors are busy worshipping and serving the lord to remember small things like birthdays.

Not Pastor Odendo who we can officially proclaim in this platform to be the coolest pastor we have around.

Well, for those of you not acquainted with the man, he’s the man in charge at Life-Pool chapel which is basically the go to church for most Kenyan celebrities.


Located in the east side of Nairobi, LPC as the church is popularly known, has won the souls of many young people mostly due to its alternative Christian culture safe space where they can be embraced and find guidance outside the glee of public lights.

And it makes sense why the likes of Amos and Josh, Dr. Ofweneke have found a safe haven there; Odendo is quite the interesting man.

It was his birthday the other day and he decided to celebrate his birthday in the most non-conventional way possible.


He spent the day at Alliance girls with Art Africa (A talent search group of young artists) and later had dinner with Kkrew. He later ended the day on a high note by heading to the cinema to catch up with Fast Furious 8 together with his boys and he extended the celebrations by attending the first edition of Kuku Fiesta which went down this last weekend at Arboretum.


He attended alongside his other A pool pastors and music producer Bruce Odhiambo.

Now show me which other pastor rolls like that?

Make sure to catch him on Kingdom TV every Friday from 8PM.



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