It gets raunchy by the day:Kagwe Mungai teams up with Kristoff to bring us “Single” its beautiful(Video)

When you thought you had seen it all from  Vitamin U makers, then you had seen just but a tip of the iceberg. Kagwe Mungai has teamed up with Kristoff  to brings us a new raunchy jam “Single”

Few months ago Kenyans thought that their beloved Kagwe could be a potential artist the Gospel industry after he realised “Ogopa Mungu” ft Mt Seed.

A song that was so well received by fans all over.  However, Kagwe has cleared the air after releasing this new collabo with Kristoff- Single.

The two-Kagwe and Kristoff- have phenomenal track records as artists. Kristoff has done several songs with various artists and has produce unforgettable hit songs.


Among his biggest is   Dundaing ft King Kaka and Magix Enga.

Kagwe on the other end has had massive hits including Creeper, African Lady, Clubbin’ , Party Nation which was a collabo among many others.

However in this new jam “Single “ the two decided it was time to get raunchy and naughty lyrically.


Just like Nishike by Sauti Sol, this video is the real deal. Its one of those videos that will have the “morality cops” up in arms. It gets the viewer hooked from the very beginning to the end.

Kagwe, Kristoff

Let’s start with the fair share of popping melanin that meets our eyes at the beginning of the song.  Kagwe  Mungai and the vixen are in this kind of moment that suggests a deep desire.

Slowly, we see  Mungai going  for the kiss as he sings off his verse.  It is timeless, passionate, sensual not trying to win her over but to create that deep connection.

But the song title and the action in the video do not match. Confusing huh?

Nothing else about the video sticks in my mind more than this passionate moment. The colors in the video too are not bad.


The  Ransom Beatz produced song is properly arranged to the level of an international banger. The blend of Swahili, English and Sheng in this song is smooth and easily goes unnoticed as the skill is just perfect. Not forgetting Kagwe’s voice. Influence from Gengetone kids?Well, will find out .

The irony in these lines strikes real head and gets my ribs cracking

“I got a light skinned girl looking Very Sidika…Very Sidika

I got a dark-skinned girl looking Very Sidika. “


Even more interesting is the Luhya culture that doesn’t go forgotten in this song when Kristoff to send  send greetings from Busia. You can’t us luhyas-hamtuwezi!

This song is lit but the video is FIIRREEEEE!!!!! In the meantime enjoy.

Rating 9/10. Your thoughts?

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