Frankie Just Gym It fiercely bashed after video of him dancing to Rhumba with newborn surfaces online

Popular fitness trainer, Frankie Just Gym It proudly embraced fatherhood with internet sensation, Corazon Kwamboka way before the baby was born.

And now that baby boy Taiyari is already out, the gym instructor has been spending more time indoors, bonding with his 3rd son but the most recent outdoor moment has crashed the hearts of many.

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The three were out to beat the August hot weather with a couple of ice creams, chilling out in the less-crowded malls and as Corazon was busy sitting her worked up body, Frankie pretty energetic, decided to introduce his weeks’ old son to some Kenyan music.

Frankie Just Gym It and son Taiyari

Rhumba music spoke to Frankie’s heart, with the little one strapped around his back, an ice-cream cup in one hand, and the other to hold onto the little kiddo just in case he slipped off, a pumped up Frankie turned the restaurant into a club.

A quick glance at your calendar and you realize baby Taiyari is not even 4 weeks old and the question many have raised is the vlogger’s audacity to play around with a baby too small to be out of the house and seated in such position. Meanwhile, from a distance, a baffled yet excited Corazon could be heard laughing her lungs out. Have a look;


Corazon rants about motherhood

The last 4 weeks have been nothing easy for a dear mama Taiyari-Corazon Kwamboka. Being a first-time mom, she thought there was nothing much around having a young one to tend to, a home to take care of and a personal life to keep track of, until it hit her hard that it can be a taxing process.

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Taking to the gram, the new mom, was spotted enjoying the outdoor serenity, admitting it has been a tough 4 weeks for her but she could never be more grateful for having an experienced father and partner, Frankie by her side.

Corazon Kwamboka enjoying her ice-cream cup at the mall

Major challenge Corazon was having is, she did not think through getting a nanny for the job because she didn’t quite understand why she needed one until she beat a good 4 weeks handling it all by herself and now groans;

…honestly being a new mom and doing it without any help, (no nanny) and still handling all my daily businesses personally would have been chaos if I didn’t have Frankie. All I’m saying is; respect to all mothers!!!!

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Concerned mothers took to the comment section to urge the new mom to get a nanny soonest possible otherwise she was going to suffer severe health problems, having come from a CS and straight into nursing.

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