‘It Was A One Night Stand’- Eric Omondi Demands DNA Test After Jacque Maribe Referred To Him As A Deadbeat Dad

Image: Eric Omondi with ex, Jacque Maribe and son

Comedian Eric Omondi has come to his own defense after being referred to as a deadbeat father by his baby mama Jacque Maribe; after his latest revelation of impregnating musician Miss P. Maribe’s allegations have seen several household names share their take on the paramount issue.

Unknown Details On Eric & Maribe Son

Eric Omondi has now been compelled to divulge new details that led to all the baby mama drama. The comedian has now speculated that there’s a probability he did not sire the kid with Maribe.

Eric Omondi and Maribe back in the day- Instagram

”So we met at Radio Africa in 2012. I was working at Radio Jambo and Jacque was working at Kiss TV. So one Random night after a Radio Africa Staff Party and after afew bottles of whiskey and wine glasses Jacque and I happened. It was really a one night thing because she was dating KTN’s Sam Ogina at the time. WE USED PROTECTION!!! After two Months Jacque tells me she’s Pregnant!!! I immediately ask her how since we used Protection??? She then tells me “It doesn’t matter the mother always knows who the Father is and that I am the Father!!!

During the entire Pregnancy nothing happened and we barely saw each other. Roughly 4 months after the baby was born Jacque called me and asked me if I would help or be part of the baby’s life. I asked her for a DNA test so that I could comfortably be part of the baby’s life and SUPPORT fully. She got very offended and Refused my request.”

Eric Omondi continued to reiterate over conduction of a DNA test; stating that it’s the only way he can fully accept to take responsibility.

”For 7 seven years I have begged Jacque to allow us have a DNA Test and she has CONTINUALLY refused!!! I dont mind supporting the child but if you want me to be FULLY PRESENT and SUPPORTIVE, if you Want me to be a FATHER. Then we have to do the RIGHT THING!!!!”

After hearing both sides of the story, I think a DNA test will indeed suffice.

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