It Was Just A Mis-Understanding- Nasra Yusuf & Rashid Back Together After Weeks Of Separation

The marriage between comedienne Nasra Yusuf and her long-term partner Rashid was on the edge after Nasra’s detailed message ending her relationship with Rashid. Turns out, it was just a mis-understanding that compelled her to take to her Instagram and devour the 3 years relationship.

Her post was taken as a kiki stunt by a section of fans; who have been monitoring artists closely for employing subtle means to gain more popularity.

”Dear #Nasrashid fans, I’m sorry to disappoint y’all but Rashid and I are  nolonger together ????it’s been an exciting yet challenging journey and we both feel like we deserve better..I’ll be filing for my divorce soon because of irreconcilable issues and I’m already adjusting to being single…I take this time to appreciate the support you’ve shown us..asanteni sana..”

Comedienne Nasra Yusuf Breaks Up With Her Husband After 7 Months Of Marriage
Comedienne Nasra Yusuf With Her Husband-Google

Nasra however dismissed this claims and made it clear that she wasn’t clout chasing, although she supports comedians on chasing clout;

”You have to understand that clout chasing na sisi ni kitu moja. Ina depend na wewe una chase na njia gani.”

She continued to state that she was truly mad at Rashid when she wrote the post;

”Nilikuwa nimekasirikia uyu mtu yangu yote. But at the same time, venye niliandika ndio nika realize the magnitude of whatever I’ve written is too huge…. Haikuwa clout…

Tulikuwa na ka mis-understanding yenye mimi nili over react na nikajam. Na in the middle of hiyo kujam yangu, I wrote whatever I wrote…”

The duo did not disclosed exactly what transpired to separate them. But currently, the two lovebird’s relationship has been re-kindled.

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