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‘It Was Not Fake’- Popular Tik-Toker Kelvin Kinuthia On Revealing His National ID (Video)

May 26, 2022 at 11:11
'It Was Not Fake'- Popular Tik-Toker Kelvin Kinuthia On Revealing His National ID (Video)

Controversial tik-toker Kelvin Kinuthia recently surprised fans after disclosing his real age on social media. The popular tik-toker who gained popularity through his cross-dressing antics is extremely good at it that he has been confused to be a woman. At one time, he disclosed that some guy inboxed him thinking he was a lady- but shortly lost interest after he told him he was a guy.

Apart from that, Kinuthia has becoming a tik-tok sensation with hundreds of thousands of followers on his platforms. He is among the few men in Kenya who choose to cross-dress and at times act like a woman, all in the name of content creation. And he’s never backing down from it despite the sporadic denigratory statements from haters.

Kinuthia has undergone numerous trolls that have at times lowered his self-esteem and made him vacillate between continuing with his work & acting as a normal person. Either way, he maintains he won’t stop because whatever he’s doing is making him some money, good money.

Kinuthia’s Age

You see, most people didn’t actually believe Kinuthia is turning 21 years. I reckon he acts and looks more mature than his age. This is why he left tongues wagging after he posted a photo of his National ID card and confirmed he’s indeed a 2001 kid.

Watch Kinuthi’s full interview video below;


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